Are you passionate about making a difference? If you're a compassionate, empathetic individual looking for a job where you can make a big impact on someone's daily life then we need you. Perhaps you've had previous experience of looking after and helping others even if it's just a member of your own family. Your unique skills could make the world of difference in helping older, less able or housebound people retain their independence and help them lead the lifestyle they want. 

As a Care Giver / Worker, your job can vary widely from day to day and from client to client. Your duties will range from providing simple companionship to someone who otherwise spends most of their days alone, to helping with daily activities such as light housekeeping duties, preparing meals and running errands, all the way to undertaking personal care services such as help with dressing and grooming.

Note: there is a dire need for culturally sensitive, bilingual care givers, especially those stemming from Bangladeshi, southern Asian, Somali and other ethnic minority backgrounds in London.

At Care Solution Bureau we know the importance of providing high quality care to those who greatly need it. In order to achieve this, we'll provide all of our workers with all the necessary training and skills to feel completely confident in any situation they may come across during their duties. These skills are ones which you'll retain throughout life and will be continuously advantageous to you in the future.

The benefits to working as a Care Giver include:



  • No medical experience necessary

  • Flexible scheduling (perfect for people of all ages with extra time on their hands or with other responsibilities such as young children)

  • Training and support provided

  • Good source of income (CSB pay a higher minimum rate than other competing care providers)

  • Rewarding experiences

  • A new way to meet and interact with people from different communities

  • A unique privilege to look after a person less able than yourself with love, care and compassion.

  • If you are interested in becoming a Care Giver with Care Solution Bureau, please CONTACT US today.