Care Solution Bureau was first founded from the experience I faced myself after my Uncle, who had come to Britain in the early 70's to work as a seaman, became frail and required additional care. Although care was provided for by the local authority in Tower Hamlets, I soon realised on speaking with carers that they simply didn't have the training or know-how to care for my uncle in the best possible way. From how to cook healthy meals, to the cultural understanding in order to comprehend what he liked, needed or felt comfortable with they just couldn't provide the correct care. Looking for an alternative care agency, I discovered there was only ONE Somali Care Agency located in the south-east.

This experience is what inspired us to found Care Solution Bureau. With our considerable experience we know all too well that all of us only want the best for our loved ones, whether they are old or young, especially when they are at a stage in their lives where they are at their most vulnerable. CSB was founded to deliver just the kind of care we all hope to have when we are sick or old, care that is considerate of our histories, respectful of our cultural heritages and delivered with kindness.