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Mo Mire, Managing Director

Mo Mire, Managing Director

Care Solution Bureau was forged after my Uncle, who had come to Britain in the early 70’s to work as a seaman, became frail. Although care was provided for by the local authority in Tower Hamlets, I realised after speaking to his carers that they didn’t have the training or know-how of how to cook healthy meals, nor the cultural understanding to comprehend what he liked, needed or felt comfortable with. Looking for an alternative care agency, I discovered there was only ONE Somali Care Agency located in the south-east.

That was when Care Solution Bureau was created – and it’s why I’m here today. We each of us want the best for our loved ones – whether they are old or young – and especially when they are at a stage in their lives where they are most vulnerable. CSB was founded to deliver just the kind of care we all hope to have when we are sick or old – care that is considerate of our histories, respectful of our cultural heritages and delivered with kindness.

               MOHAMMED MIRE
               Founder & Managing Director of CSB



1. To provide every one of our clients with comprehensiveculturally sensitive and affordable care, within the comfort of their homes.

2. To meet current gaps in the care industry by becoming a primary link agency between recognised training bodies and potential BAME Care Givers.

3. To establish healthy living practices within the Somali, Bangladeshi and other minority community groups across London through our services.

4. To create a nationwide network of Active BAME Elders Community Networks with a view to reducing mental health illnesses, depression and other ailments resultant of social exclusion.


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